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Easy Care PC Services in Watchet


Easy Care Personal Computer Services was first established in Nottinghamshire by sole proprietor Robin Nuttall in 2008 where it built up a solid customer base and reputation for fast, cost-effective computer / laptop repairs, IT support and related services in and around Ashfield. The business relocated to West Somerset in October 2011 when the owner sold his Nottinghamshire property and moved permanently into what had been his holiday cottage in Watchet. Previously the owner had worked all his life in technology based positions for giants like GEC, Plessey and Marconi (27 years) and subsequently 5 years with GPS based Real Time Traffic Management Systems providers.


Hester A. 6th October 2016 (Watchet)

Thank you once again for all your help and time spent on sorting out my computer.

Magnus M. 16th September 2016 (Brompton Ralph)

You were a very great help - many thanks.

Bruce S.  25th August 2016 (Watchet)

Many thanks Robin for sorting my email function.

Loretta W.  28th May 2015 (Watchet)

Thank you, very satisfying service.

'M'  30th Apr 2015 (Brompton Ralph)

Dear Robin, Very many thanks for your patient help.

Sadie  4th Feb 2015 (Watchet)

Hi, everything going well, thank you very much, really pleased. x

Charles W. 19th Jan 2015 (Wheddon Cross)

...... very pleased with the laptop and and was amazed how clean it was!
I hope we can continue ......

(Privacy Requested)  19th Nov 2014

If and when I eventually move from here I shall be very lucky if I can find a computer guy who is as helpful as you!  I followed your clear instructions and sorted it out in about ten minutes - I've also learned how to get into the hidden depth of my computer!

David T.  16th Oct 2014 (Woodford)

I have had a home computer since the 90's and various people have helped me with problems with varying degrees of success.  Praise should be given where it is due and, I have to say that to date that you are at the top of that list.

Jill J. 13 June 2014 (Watchet)

Thank you SO much for yesterday's (Photoshop) lesson. I spent the afternoon practising and feel that I'm making progress. Going back to do another image now!

Tisha L. 7 June 2014 (Watchet)

Very happy!  Thank you so much.  So good to have Windows 7 !

David T. 27 May 2014 (Woodford)

Thank you for coming out so promptly yesterday - very much appreciated, especially as I had only contacted you for the first time that day. 
I had been to some extent let down by my previous computer engineer and you were able, for a small fee able to help me, advise and install anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and also sort out email issues.

Jenny B. 19 Mar 2014 (Watchet)

Thank you Robin for all your help and advice yesterday, invaluable !

Dave D. 14 Mar 2014 (Porlock)

We have been having trouble with our wifi range for some time. Robin arrived the same day I called. Assessed the problem. Bought the hardware and came and installed it the next day. All problems solved. Very professional and friendly, not at all teccie. Highly recommended.

Michelle C. 20 Nov 2013 (Watchet)

Big thank you to Robin at Easy-Care PC Watchet for sorting out my computer and laptop... Lovely man, brilliant service and excellent value, My pc works better now then when i first had it...

Jonathan W. 8 Oct 2013 (Watchet)

"Thank you for all your help . . .  a fine job."

Cheryl C. 4 Oct 2013 (Doniford)

Thank you for your kind service, everything fine now.

Irene A. 23 Sept 2013 (Withycombe)

Fast and very good, thank you!

David D. 23 Sept 2013 (Watchet)

I am pleased to have my computer cleaned up and cleared of bugs and hopefully running smoothly for a good spell - after years of neglect by me.
I also appreciate the time you took after the clean up to explain to me how to keep it free of viruses and other nasty's, using the programmes you installed.

Sheila R. 12 Sept 2013 (Washford)

I was very satisfied with the prompt, efficient, affordable service received from you last week.  Will certainly contact you again if I have a problem.

Nicky S. 1 July 2013 (Taunton)

"I found ECPC Services quite remarkable in comparison with so many other pc repair businesses - professional, knowledgeable, fast, happy to work out of hours, polite and good value for money. Robin was particularly kind in his understanding of my friend's dependence on her PC and her difficulties in speaking after her stroke. The PC was up and working within hours and Robin couldn't have been more helpful. I would recommend ECPC to anyone in the area without reservation."

Liz D. 27 June 2013 (Nether Stowey)

Dear Robin.... A big thank you for your patience.

Christine F. 18 April 2013 (Notts. Remote Assistance)

Highly recommended friendly service, thank you Robin

Theatre Mélange 5 March 2013 (Bilbrook)

Thanks ECPC for the site visit and really helpful advice - invaluable!!  Really helpful advice on revamping our laptop and how to improve internet range between outbuildings. Invaluable to get affordable onsite help for a small business (with big ideas!!!!) who can't employ full time IT expertise. Highly recommended.

Sam P. 8 Feb 2013 (Dulverton)

I am very pleased with the service you provided me and will be using you in future if I can for any problems I cannot fix myself.

Mary C. 4 Feb 2013 (Nether Stowey)

Thankyou for sorting my VERY annoying computer problems. Your service was fast, efficient and very reasonably priced. Thank you again, Mary.

Peter P. 12 Sep 2012 (Notts. Remote Assistance)

ECPC Services moved from Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire to Somerset some months ago. Our loss is definitely their gain! Rob looked after two PCs for me and I was always completely satisfied both with his work and his fees. If you have a problem with your works or home PC, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending ECPC Services to you.

Joan C. 21 Feb 2012 (Notts. Remote Assistance)

The problems on my pc/internet connection were dealt with promptly and efficiently with full explanation of work being carried out. I have already recommended ECPC to others.

Meryl S. 7 Feb 2012 (Porlock)

Robin goes above and beyond to fix your problems. He gave great service and worked diligently to fix my laptop. Would definitely recommend him.

Nadya G. 12 Nov 11 (Washford)

I found Robin by chance and received good, prompt assistance in my own home for as long as was needed. He then took my PC away and sorted it and cleaned it overnight, returning it to me the following day. I now know I have support with computers locally, whenever I need.

Juris L. 3 Jul 09

Mr. Nuttall is a real PROFESSIONAL

Cathy G. 3 Feb 09

Comprehensive, courteous, and very quick. Thank you

John S. - 5 Nov 08

I would like point out Robin did an excellent job for me. If i need give a points out from 1 to 10, he deserve 10. May I say thanks for all his help.

James H. - 22 Oct 08

Friendly and gave helpful advice to solve my problems and a willingness to provide any help for questions that I might have in the future.

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